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Q1:     Can I give Tualang Honey to my baby?
A1:     Honey and any other health supplement should not be consumed by infants under one year of age. This is to allow them to have a normal development of immune system.

Q2:     Is it true that we cannot use metal spoon when mixing honey in water?
A2:   There are some who believe that the acids in honey can decompose copper and iron and produce toxic salts and so generally metal spoons should not be used to avoid the change of honey taste or transfer of undesirable metallic substances. So far there is no scientific data to substantiate this concern. Using wooden spoons is more of a lifestyle than a health reason (as many would tell you that it feels good to hold a cutlery made of wood in your hand). Hence, one shouldn't be  worried if they are scooping honey with a spoon made of metal.

Q3 :     When is the best time to take Tualang honey?
A3 :     1 - 1.5 hours before meal or 2 – 3 hours after meal. An empty stomach will ensure better absorption of nutrient.

Q4:     What is the usage of the Tualang honey?
A4:     1 - 2 table spoons (~20g) per day for healthy adults. It can be taken maximum up to 50g per day under certain conditions, e.g. sore throat, to relieve cough etc.

Q5 :     Can diabetic patients consume Tualang honey?
A5 :     Honey is a carbohydrate food just like rice & potatoes but it has a lower Glycemic Index than sugar (one tablespoon of honey has approximately 17 grams of carbohydrate). With appropriate control, many diabetics and pre-diabetes are still able to safely enjoy natural honey. In fact, research reveals that the perfect one-to-one ratio of fructose and glucose found in honey facilitates glucose intake to the liver, hence preventing an overload of glucose entering the blood circulation.

Q6 :     Is it safe for a pregnant woman to consume Tualang honey?
A6 :     Yes. Tualang honey is a very safe food supplement.

Q7:     Tualang honey is good for our gastrointestinal system. Does it help the peptic ulcer disease?
A7:     Yes, it relieves signs and symptoms, quickens the healing process and improve digestion and use together with antibiotic regime for Helicobacter pylori caused PUD (peptic ulcer disease) for the synergistic effects.

Q8:     Can people with allergy problems take Tualang honey?
A8:     Though it is very uncommon, allergic reactions have been reported after honey use. For a person who is allergic to pollen, allergic reactions would be triggered as raw honey contains pollen. Should there be any adverse reactions after consuming the honey, stop consumpsion immediately.

Q9 :     What are the best doses and administration methods for children?
A9 :     For children under 3 years ¼ of a dose of an adult. For children between 3-8 is better to use 1/3 of the adult dose and for the children between 8-12 use half (1/2) of the adult dose.

Q10:     Do I need to store the Tualang honey in the refrigerator?
A10:     As long as it is not stored in  hot places llike next to the stove or exposed to direct sunlight, honey will not spoil so there is no need to store in the refrigerator. However, honey will ferment if it is diluted by moisture.