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The Story of Tualang Honey

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Tualang honey is harvested from gigantic disc-shaped honeycombs made by Asian Giant Honeybee or Rock Bee, Apis dorsata on the Malaysia tallest tree, ie. Tualang tree (Koompasia excelsa), which grows to an astonishing height of more than 250 meters. The size of a tualang tree honeycomb can be 6 feet across and contains as many as 30,000 bees! One tree can contains more than 100 nests of the disc-shape honeycomb.


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Apis dorsata, the Giant Honey Bee is species of forest bee producing honey found in Southeast Asia. It can grow to the size of about 17-20 mm in length.

Indigenous peoples have traditionally used this species as a source of honey and beeswax, a practice known as "honey hunting"

Illustration on the right shows the anatomy of Apis dorsata, and we could understand that the honey is produced from the specific part of its body i.e. honey stomach or honey sac, which is separated from its main stomach.